Thursday, April 6, 2017

Georeferencing the UWF Campus and Eagles Nest

 Image Above : ARCSCENE of UWF Campus with DEM.
Image Below: Georeferenced image of UWF Campus with buffer around the Eagles Nest.
This weeks lab was about georeferencing aerial images by using known points and keeping your RMS error as low as possible while maintaining an accurate looking image. We used the multiple buffer ring tool to establish a 330 foot and 660 foot buffer around the eagles nest that lies east of the UWF Campus. We also used ARCSCENE to make a 2d and 3d images.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

EMS Station locations in Lake County, FL

This lab is about using the Network Analyst tool to depict the optimal routes for the EMS stations in Lake County, FL. I had to geocode the addresses of the EMS stations and find the optimal route for three of the EMS stations in Lake County. This lab was fairly straight forward and not too difficult if the instructions were followed carefully.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Possible Campsite Locations in DeSoto National Forest, Mississippi

In this lab, I had to create a map that details possible campsite locations on the DeSoto National Forest in Mississippi. The parameters were the sites had to be within 300 meters of a road and not be located within 100 meters of the water features. The campsites could also not be located within a conservation area. In this lab we used overlay tools from arc tool box. For this particular map I used the erase tool to take the conservation areas away from my road and water buffers. We also learned how to build buffers around features and how to use arcpython to run custom scripts.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Data Search Project

This project was about searching several different sites to find data of different coordinate systems and re project the data into a common coordinate system. For this assignment I used Albers Conical Equal Area due to the fact that the majority of my vector data was already in this coordinate system. I had a lot of trouble re projecting my raster data into that coordinate system so I left them in their current system.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lab 5 - Spatial Statistics of Western Europe's Weather Stations.

In this lab, I examined how to determine the spatial distribution of a data set. Various spatial statistical tools were utilized. First I had to determine the mean and median center of my data and then the directional distribution. All three of these tools are located in the Arc Toolbox. This gives you insight to where the majority of the weather stations are located. We also worked with histograms, normal QQ plots to check the data for normality and to find any outliers in the data.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Importance of Projections

In this weeks lab I learned about the importance of making sure all of your data sets coordinate systems are compatible with each other. If they are not then you need to make sure and have a suitable transformation applied to the data set. We used three different coordinate systems in our project and saw first hand the way that the different coordinate systems skewed the data in different ways. Alberts Conical Equal Area is a global coordinate system that is good to use world wide and this system seemed to be the best over all. The UTM Zone 16 North is a coordinate system used primarily for the panhandle of Florida and was accurate for Escambia County, but the further away you moved from the intended area of the coordinate system the more skewed the data became. The same scenario was found for the Florida State Plane North system. Its primary target area is the Florida panhandle and the further away you went the more skewed the data became. I learned that you have to pay attention the coordinate systems that your multiple data sets are in so you can have accurate and meaningful data.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Module 4: Utilizing Gestalt's Principals

Module 4

 This weeks exercise was about utilizing Gestalt's principles in a map of Ward 7 public schools in Washington, D.C. I had to clip the schools data set to show only the schools in Ward 7. Next I had to separate the schools into elementary, middle school and high school and give them an ascending symbol in order to use the same symbol yet be able to differentiate between the three school types. I created the map entirely in ArcView. I gave the map the appropriate figure-ground, visual hierarchy, contrast and balance, which are all Gestalt's principals. The challenging part of this exercise was the color balance and trying to deemphasize all of the non featured themes of the map as to not draw unnecessary attention to them.